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OEM Overview

One of our CNC MachinesTranquil PC not only design and manufacture numerous 'retail' PC chassis and systems, we also manufacture numerous (over 100x) bepoke OEM and ODM/OEM products for highly valued partners.

Tranquil PC since 2003, have specialised in product design and innovation. The products found on our retail site are all 'standard' and in general supply to consumers, business users and corporations.

The 'hidden' side of Tranquil PC, is the OEM division. The OEM division works with customers who require specialised products, some based on our standard units but with minor changes and others who require completely new and bespoke products.

Featured Design

The customer wanted a bespoke cluster unit of 10 computers

For an example of what we can create for our OEM Partners see the images below, to the left, is a render of a product the one on the right is a real picture. This system is actually 10x powerful Intel i5 PCBs in a single 'cluster'.


Want to see more projects / pictures of what we design and manufacture - visit our Flickr page

What we can do for you...

Although most of the OEM products are based on x86 (PC) hardware, some are not. If a customer is looking to create a very good quality case for his electronic system, and/or the product needs passive cooling, then Tranquil OEM may be a good partner to discuss this project with.

Below are CAD images of the complex 'cluster' above:

CAD Cluster

We utilise the very best and latest syncronous CAD/CAM software to design components and systems to the highest possible standards. We also use flow simulation systems, which can accurately forecast the cooling characteritics of products, before the designs move forward to sampling.

Our own, in house, high speed CNC milling, finishing, anodising and laser marking facilities are all then available to process the OEM / Bespoke chassis. The established production and test department then bring the product to completion before shipping.

In house CNC milling is powerful tool to ensure orders can be shipped promptly, to exacting standards and at competative prices.


Larger products (in this case a 550mm wide body) are milled in singles


Smaller units (up to 300mm) are milled on our multi-part indexer. This process allows for up to 8 parts to be milled on 3 surfaces in one operation, increasing efficiency and multi-surface accuracy.

More CNC

Typically over 45,000Kg of 'swarf' is generated a year - that's the material cut out of the original billets of aluminium during CNC milling.


Anodising, which is a specilised process that is used to create a very hard porous surface (which can then be dyed), is also carried out at Tranquil. We have our 'own' method of anodising, which creates 'pores' of very specific sizes in order to maximise the IR emissivity of the heat sink surfaces. Our aim is a 'perfect black body (value 1).

Multiple colours can be acheived and also multiple 'finishes'. Although a matt black is the best 'black body' for optimal cooling, we also provide brushed and polished (diamond) finishes.