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Fanless AIO (all in one)

All In One

Although it's just a PC, it's no ordinary PC. Milled from a 28Kg solid block of aerospace grade aluminium, the chassis is seamless and is specifically made to accept all of the internal parts perfectly.
The CAD/CAM used to design the product, Siemens SolidEdge, is the same as used to design many of todays finest vehicles and appliances. Using propfessional CAD ensure that every component fits perfectly together and in harmony.
The chassis is also the cooler for the CPU and chipset, so sophisticated software is used to ensure the design 'works' before a single part is milled. This is very detailed engineering, rarely found in IT products.

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Abel M2

Abel M2

The latest monocoque, silent, svelte, designer PC from Tranquil - the Abel M2 series.

Based around the award winning tiny fanless Abel H22 chassis, the M2 carries all of the features and benefits of the H22 with the additional benefit of Intel's 5th generation core processors

The chassis itself is a work of art in it's own right. Tranquil PC both design and manufacture the Abel M2 and all other products that we sell. Each product, like the M2, is specifically designed for the purpose. By utilising state of the art CAD/CAM software we are able to create and view the products before they are manufactured (we also use simulation tools to estimate CPU / drive / case temperatures). Once designed the cases are CNC milled on very high precision manchines in our own factory to exacting standards (+/- 0.003mm). Once milled the cases are then hand finished, before being anodised to protect and colour the aerospace grade aluminium. Finally the Micro PCs are assembled / imaged and tested to ensure 100% compliance to the very high standards we have.

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Wall Street Journal

Thanks to Mark Baker for the neat and tidy explanation to the Ubuntu Orange Box, a "data centre that fits in a suitcase!!!"

Watch the  video in full now

Wall Street Journal Video


One of the most beautiful...


The latest version of the iPad tablet enclosure has to be one of the most beautiful things that has come out of the Tranquil factory. It's a true extension of the iPad itself.

This version is equipped with a card reader for POS payments.


The new HPC (High Performance Computing) unit is completed and shipped

V Server

The 'V Server' as known in it's project phase has been completed and shipped (the first application is for use as a 'head end' for real time transcoding of IPTV streams, it will handle 100 streams)

Originally Tranquil HPC products were intended for cluster based, scalable and network managed load sharing, the deployment into high demand video transcoding shows how versatile the product is - and how effective the Intel Haswell i5 powered motherboards are. Get more images here

If you have a requirement for energy efficient, cool running HPC or cluster based hardware, why not drop us a line

New CNC Machines Installed

New CNC Machine

Tranquil recently added a further 'pair' of high speed CNC milling machines to keep up with demand for custom Abel H2 OEM products.  With the benefit of 4th axis machining, operation (op) 1 now processes three surfaces (front, back and deep pocket) in a single operation - there are actually 8  PCs being cut in a single cycle.   The second machine process the 'top surfaces'.