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Company Information

Tranquil PC, a UK based family company, was formed in the early part of 2003, by Managing Director, David Thompson. David is a passionate designer and entrepreneur, who has always committed his time and invested his skills into developing innovative products and building business to supply new markets. He started his first business at 16 years of age and went on to win the prestigious Queens Award for Enterprise in 1982. Tranquil PC is now a world leader in the field of low energy IT systems. The move to brand new premises in 2007, and the appointment of new technical / sales staff has broadened the range of products and services offered. In 2011 Tranquil PC made an important decision to invest in it's own engineering and manufacturing facility for it's cases. Now all system chassis are manufactured entirely within our own factory, from raw aluminium billets to precisely manufactured, hand finished and anodised products. These new, unique services not only have returned local manufacturing to UK, they have brought pride, new energy, enthusiam and excitement to our staff - as well as securing new, long term employment.

Our Mission

To establish Tranquil PC as the premier provider of bespoke technology appliances in Europe, whilst maintaining our founding principles as we expand.

Our guiding principles assist us in measuring the effectiveness of our decisions:

  • Provide an exciting and organised environment that nurtures personal growth, pride and development
  • Develop and satisfy customers, all of the time
  • Be flexible and responsive to changing trends
  • Apply the highest standards of communication with external partners and suppliers
  • Encourage personal pride in the products and services we supply
  • Contribute to local community enterprises and environment
  • Operate a profitable business, that ensures our long term success

Our Vision

The future success of the company is based on the triumph of its unique products, the development of its business partners and dedication of our staff. Tranquil PC has a very loyal customer base, and most of our B2B customers are still with us since the early days. The small 'family' business has made it's mark in the IT world, and we would like to thank our customers for taking us there

A note from Tranquil PC's founder

"I am committed to ensuring the success of Tranquil PC, and supporting all that wish to join Tranquil PC in our ventures. The market is now seeking 'new solutions' and 'alternative technologies' to address today's IT problems. We have those solutions and technologies. "

D J Thompson

Is Silence Important

Of course 'fan less' computers have other benefits, other than just being much more reliable, and offering longer service life spans. Many of our customers have used our products mainly because they are 'quiet' and in many applications 'totally silent'. These customers are often in specialised markets ie audio recording/broadcast, medical, telecommunications, industrial control, security, retail etc.

Although the use of 'home PCs' is now in general decline as the adoption of notebooks and tablets grows, Tranquil PC are seeing year on year growth for it's UK manufactured monocoque (single piece) based systems. Although most are used in specialised and industrial markets there is still an ongoing demand for the 'original fan less, silent PCs' as introduced by Tranquil PC in 2003.

Our Team

David Thompson,

Since 1982 David has created and developed companies, specifically in technology fields, always with a focus on high reliability, UK electronics manufacting. Investing into 'in house' high precision CNC milling and finishing processes for monocoque chassis in 2011, was a huge step for Tranquil PC, and one that will leave a strong legacy for the next generation.

Phillip Thompson, Operations Director

Started with the company in 2004 and since then has progressed from a Production Operative to Operations Director. Using his skills in CAD/CAM he now helps design products as well as generating the code that runs our CNC machines. He also has been responsible for introducing order/stock management systems and oversees the daily running of the company which he has done with the support of his personally selected management team.


Vlad Cristescu,
Technical Director

Started with the company at the end of 2009 and has progressed from a Production Operative, to Technical Director in 2013.
He has had the chance to take on ever increasing technical challenges and alongside his team has been a key element in Tranquil PC’ s transition to new markets. His software experience allowed the development of more complex, feature rich products while his artistic side enhanced the way the products where presented to the world.